National Lawyers Guild: Call for Volunteers

Posted by OPI at 4:35 PM in Pro Bono Honors Pledge

Please click the "Read more" button below for the whole message. -- -- The NLG 2012 Convention decided to organize around the issue of Secure Communities and immigration policing. We have two NLG interns who are creating an online library of resources and we need volunteers to help with some research tasks over the next few weeks. Some of you have already volunteered and received assignments, but we have a lot of work and need some more help! The first two tasks we have for students are to 1) read and annotate law review articles which our spring interns have compiled and 2) research if your local cities/states have introduced any bills related to S-Comm and if so, ascertain the legislature's timeline for passing those bills

Part 1: We need students to read the articles, briefly summarize the argument and findings -- in particular the to the extent that they relate to Secure Communities, on either a national or a state level. We are also interested in how Secure Communities fits into broader federal/state approaches to immigration enforcement, so we'd like you to flag that when it comes up. Each annotation should be about 1-2 paragraphs. We have about 40 articles that need to be reviewed in the next several weeks. If you have time to work on this, please respond and indicate how many articles you think you can realistically read and annotate in a 2-3 week period. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Part 2: We have a spreadsheet started of bills by state that we need assistance filling in. Student volunteers will go over the spreadsheet and insert any info from their cities/states.

If you are interested in helping with these tasks over the next few weeks, please email me at to get an assignment.