Hogar Citizenship Boot Camp Training

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There are open slots for the Hogar Citizenship boot Camp Training this coming Saturday, January 26, from 12:00 PM until 4:00 PM. Hogar Offices, 6201 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church VA 22044 in Suite 302. What to bring: A notebook, pen and a willingness to learn. Casual dress. This training will review general volunteer guidelines, the citizenship process, how to teach citizenship, and how to conduct a mock interview. NOTE: This training is primarily for volunteers who teach citizenship classes and those volunteers who are one on one Naturalization Interview Coaches. Citizenship Boot Camp is required for ALL TEACHERS and INTERVIEW COACHES at least once while serving as a volunteer teacher. If you have already attended a previous boot camp, then you do not need to do so again. 

Please RSVP to Richard Eldridge if you want to come to this training session.

Richard Eldridge

Citizenship Volunteer Manager

Hogar Immigrant Services

6201 Leesburg Pike, Ste. 307

Falls Church, VA 22044

703-534-9805 ext. 239

Please read the following carefully:

·         If you would like to be a citizenship class teacher in Falls Church, Woodbridge or Sterling please let Richard Eldridge know ASAP (even if you cannot attend the Boot Camp)

·         If you would like to be an occasional  Naturalization Interview Coach (one on one) in Falls Church, Woodbridge (on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday evening) or Sterling (on a Tuesday or Thursday evening), also please let Richard Eldridge know ASAP (even if you cannot attend boot Camp).

·         If you would like to attend this Saturday’s Boot Camp Training, please RSVP (note that teachers and interview coaches have first priority on open slots).

·         If you do not want to teach or be a coach, but you just want to learn more about the citizenship process and helping others become citizens you are WELCOME to attend on a space available basis.

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