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Please click the "Read more" button below for the whole message. -- Legal Services NYC seeks law student volunteers to conduct a community needs assessment in Sandy-impacted New York neighborhoods. Our goal: Reach 5,000 New Yorkers over three weeks in January 2013. Student canvassers will be trained to assess for immediate legal needs and to provide resources and referrals. LSNYC and our community partners will use the survey results to advocate for a broad spectrum of expanded resources, law and policy reforms.

PURPOSE OF SURVEY: We have learned the hard lesson from Katrina and recent disasters throughout the United States that data collection from communities is absolutely essential to ensure strategic, just and fair allocation of recovery resources. In order to determine, as quickly as possible, community needs and impact, Legal Services NYC invites Winter Break Law Students to conduct a short-term canvassing project to identify immediate Sandy community needs, resource allocation and accessibility, storm-related impact and policy-actionable reforms.

PROJECT LOGISTICS: The survey will be conducted over three weeks, including mandatory weekends, beginning January 5thand ending January 20thStudents will need to commit at least (4) days to the project. Law students will be organized into teams and will be responsible for canvassing certain neighborhoods, including Far Rockaway, Coney Island, Canarsie and Oakwood/New Dorp. In addition to door-to-door interviews, students will conduct surveys at FEMA disaster sites, public shelters, food pantries and public libraries. Students will survey on issues such as FEMA, SBA, food and housing security, job and income loss, access to benefits and transportation.
LSNYC and survey project leaders will conduct three trainings for participants. Attendance at least one training session is mandatory. Trainings will be in-person and webinars. Training

January 4, 2013 at 1PM
January 11, 2013 at 9AM
January 16, 2013 at 9AM

BROAD COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION: We welcome bilingual students to join our project. Priority needs include Spanish, Tagalog, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian.

EXPENSES: Unfortunately, LSNYC does not have resources to reimburse students for expenses related to the survey projects. Students will be responsible for securing their own housing and covering all costs related to transportation. We are designing a survey to be accessible over smartphones and tablets, and we ask that students who have access to such technology be willing to utilize it to ease administrative challenges of surveying many individuals in a short time frame.

VOLUNTEER: Legal Services NYC has asked that students organize into law school teams and the. Each team will have two student leaders and a law school administrator liaison. Your students are welcome to join one of the below referenced law school teams. However, we cannot provide food or lodging for students.

If you have interested students who live in the area and/or have places to stay they are welcome to join the team at Brooklyn Law School, Fordham Law School or Touro Law School and can email Danielle Sorken, Hilary Exter, or Tom Maligno,

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