Access Youth: Volunteer Mediators (Pilot Mediation Program)

Posted by OPI at 3:13 PM in Pro Bono Honors Pledge

Access Youth ( is looking for students to volunteer as mediators in its pilot program.Through the program the organization hopes to offer mediation as an alternative to suspension and provide an opportunity to for parents and students to participate in mediation. The goal of the program is to reduce youth recidivism and increase rehabilitation by sensitizing youth to the consequences of their behavior. Volunteers should have experience or an interest in mediation and working with at-risk youth. Previous mediation experience and training is preferred. To apply email your resume and cover letter to Jodi Ovca at jovca@accessyouthinc.orgAccess Youth will hold a mandatory training on Saturday, October 27, 2012. They are asking that all volunteers commit to a minimum of three mediations each month.  Upon completion of classroom training and co-mediation mentoring, each mediator will receive a 40-Hour Mediation Certificate.

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