Founder's Event: The Recession's Effect on Social Welfare

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On Thursday, January 28, several WCL faculty, along with local government and public interest practitioners, will participate in the Founder’s 2010 event: “Framing Problems and Finding Solutions: A Look at the Effects of the Recession on Social Welfare.”  The program description and agenda are below.  WCL Founder’s events are free to students, though you must register at  While you may not be able to attend the entire day, certain panels and participants may be of interest. (contined)

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The effects of the global recession have been felt across all segments of American society and, although the economy has started to show signs of recovery, many Americans will continue to struggle in its wake. Non-traditional families are finding themselves unqualified to receive employer benefits intended to serve the needs of conventional families. Funding cuts throughout the criminal justice system have curtailed programs designed to reduce youth crime and rehabilitate offenders. Finally, what has been described as a "jobless recovery" has further strained an already overextended welfare system, while unemployment levels remain elevated. The economic crisis has exposed fundamental flaws in our social welfare programs at a time when those programs are most needed. This Symposium will offer insights on how to seize this moment as an opportunity to explore new solutions in addressing the issues of family responsibility, discrimination, and the weaknesses of our criminal justice and welfare systems.


9:30 am Registration

10:00 am Introductory Remarks

10:30 am Welfare: Moderator: Susan Bennett, Professor of Law and Director of the Community & Economic Development Law Clinic, Washington College of Law. Speakers: Mark Greenberg, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy, US Dept of Health and Human Services; Tim Casey, Senior Staff Attorney, Legal Momentum; Brian Gilmore, Professor of Law, Howard University

12:00 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Access to Justice: Moderator: Cynthia Jones, Professor of Law, Washington College of Law. Speakers: Nancy Forster, Former Maryland Public Defender; Doug Colbert, Professor of Law, University of Maryland; Jonathan Smith, Legal Aid Society of District of Columbia

2:30 pm Break

2:45 pm Family Responsibility Discrimination: Moderator: Susan Carle, Professor of Law, Washington College of Law. Speakers: Lisa Schnall, US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; Helen Applewhaite, Family and Medical Leave Act Branch Chief, US Dept of Labor; Robin Cockey, Cockey, Brennan & Maloney, P.C.

4:15 pm Reception

Presented by the Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law.