16th Annual Rebellious Lawyering Conference: February 19-21

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The 16th Annual Rebellious Lawyering Conference takes place at Yale Law School the weekend of February 19-21, 2010.  RebLaw brings together practitioners, law students, and community activists to discuss progressive strategies for social change within and outside the law.  Featured Keynote Speakers are Bryan Stevenson, Lani Guinier & Gerald Torres. Find panel and workshop descriptions and more on the website: www.law.yale.edu/reblaw. (continued)

Register for RebLaw!  Go to
http://islandia.law.yale.edu/reblaw/register.html and click through to the registration site.  You’ll be able to sign up receive FREE HOUSING for the weekend in New Haven on the spare beds, couches and floors of local friendly, rebellious law students, if you sign up by Feb. 12.  You’ll also be able to order a sweet RebLaw t-shirt or hoodie.

Also, the RebLaw blog includes information and updates about the conference: http://blogs.law.yale.edu/blogs/reblaw/ 

Questions?  Please contact

Travel Note: Yale Law School is accessible from DC via Amtrak.  RebLaw will arrange rides from the train station.