$1,500 Public Interest Fellowships for Spring 2010

Posted by OPI at 11:48 AM in Financing Your Career

Equal Justice America is offering fellowships of up to $1,500 for Spring 2010. Students must secure a part-time (at least 120 hours) placement for Spring 2010 working for a legal services organization. Students may also apply for a fellowship if they are unable to work a full 120 hours. The grant would be reduced on a pro-rated basis.  Applicants must send a cover letter describing their commitment and interest in providing legal services to the poor; a resume; and an employment confirmation letter from the hiring organization.  All items must be sent together.  Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.  Mail, e-mail or fax applications to Equal Justice America.  Click here for a list of previous WCL fellowship recipients and placements.