LLM in International Legal Studies - International Commercial Arbitration Specialization

The law school's International Legal Studies LLM Program prepares lawyers to meet new international law challenges and become leaders in the global practice of law. The LLM program is intellectually and culturally diverse, and is consistently recognized as one of the top international law programs in the nation.

The specialization in International Commercial Arbitration is designed to educate and train students in the theory and practice of International Commercial Arbitration by focusing on procedural and substantive law issues that arise in the practice of international commercial arbitration, as well as foreseeable future developments.

Taught by leading practitioners in the field, the specialization covers the theory and practice of international commercial arbitration. Students will acquire working knowledge of the legal principles and practical implications underlying international commercial arbitration and international investment arbitration. Students will learn, among other skills, to negotiate and draft arbitration clauses, claims and responses. They will also learn strategies to perform in arbitration hearings, and key aspects of the enforcement of arbitral awards.

Topics include, among others:

  • Arbitration, litigation and other international dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Institutional and Ad-hoc Arbitration
  • Investor-State Arbitration
  • The relation between Arbitration, Human Rights, and Environmental Law
  • How to conduct arbitration hearings
  • Choice-of-Law Issues in International Commercial Arbitration
  • Construction Arbitration

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Students interested in specializing in International Commercial Arbitration must complete 12 credits by taking the following courses:

International Commercial Arbitration                        

Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) Arbitration

Practical Aspects of International ADR

International Investment Law & Policy

International Law of Foreign Investment  

International Litigation & Arbitration    

Research Seminar: International Investment Law                    

Dispute Resolution Involving Sovereigns     

International Sales

U.S. Contract Law
Summer Courses:                      

Intro. to the Practice of International Arbitration

ICC Arbitration

International Arbitration and Choice-of-Law Issues

Investor-State Arbitration    

Advocacy in International Commercial Arbitration  

Damages & Compensation in Arbitration

Mediation: Theory & Practice

Summer Courses in Spanish:

Arbitraje Comercial Internacional                                                     

Arbitraje Inversionista – Estado       

Seminario Avanzado: Aspectos Prácticos del Proceso

LAW- 789-001, 3 credits (Fall & Spring)

LAW-972-001, 2 credits (Fall & Sping)

LAW 795AD-001, 2 credits (Fall)

LAW 795ZZ, 2 credits (Spring)

LAW-679-001, 2 credits (Fall)

LAW-677-001, 3 credits (Spring)

LAW-2 credits (Spring)

LAW-795DR, 2 credits (Spring)

LAW-973, 3 credits (Fall)

LAW 504, 4 credits (Fall & Spring)


LAW 789S-001, 1 credit (Summer)

LAW 795-016, 1 credit (Summer)

LAW 795-017, 1 credit (Summer)

LAW 795-018, 1 credit (Summer)

LAW 795FF-001, 1credit (Summer)

LAW 795DS-001, 1 credit (Summer)

LAW-1 credit (Summer)


LAW-789-002– 1 credit (Summer)

LAW- 795-018– 1 credit (Summer)

LAW 798-019– 1 credit (Summer)

Please note that Course offerings vary by semester.                 

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