We are pleased to welcome you to the International Arbitration Summer Program at American University, Washington College of Law (WCL).

Below you will find information regarding daily travel to and from WCL, class materials, use of technological facilities during the Summer Session and other materials we hope you will find useful.

For visa and insurance information, please click here.


The Summer Program Office is located in Room 403. You can also contact the program coordinator at: (202) 274-4321.


There are three main airports in the DC area:

  • Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA) - This airport has easy access to the metro.
  • Dulles International (IAD)
  • Baltimore Washington International (BWI)

If you are not taking public transportation to get to your destination we suggest you look for a Super Shuttle desk at the airport. If you take a cab prices will start at $25 from Reagan, $60 from IAD and$ 80 from BWI


The Washington College of Law is located at 4801 Massachusetts Avenue in the upper northwest section of Washington, D.C. Please note that this is about five city blocks west from the main American University campus.


Washington College of Law's location in Washington, DC
Washington College of Law neighborhood
American University Main Campus
Centennial Dormitory at Main Campus
Shuttle Stop location at Tenleytown Metro
Washington, DC


The Metro system is very clean, efficient, and the employees are used to helping Washington visitors. Metro's website www.wmata.com is useful, containing bus schedules, bus & train route maps, hours of operation, etc.

Contact them at 202-637-7000 or online at www.wmata.com

The closest Metro stop to American University (AU) is Tenleytown/AU (also called Tenley Circle) on the Red Line. Public Metro buses run on regular schedules from Tenley Circle to WCL. From the exit marked Tenleytown/AU, continue on foot past the Sears Home Appliance Showroom on your left.  Past the Sears store you will come to a Metro bus stop, next to the AU bus stop. Take the N8 bus marked Wesley Heights which will take you directly to the WCL, at 4801 Massachusetts Avenue. Travel time is approximately 10 minutes. Buses depart from the stop every 20 minutes in the morning until 10:00 a.m. Thereafter, the bus departs every 30 minutes. For return trips, you may access the bus from the opposite side of the street on Massachusetts.

Regular Metro rail fare during peak periods is between $1.65 and $4.50 with reduced fares at all other times. Farecard machines are in every station. Small bills are recommended. There are no change machines in stations and farecard machines provide only up to $5 in change (in coins).  You may purchase a SmarTrip card for reduced rates and easy reloading.  SmarTrip cards can be purchased online at www.wmata.com and come with $25 loaded for travel, or may be purchased at the Metro Center metro stop and may be reloaded at any metro stop.

Metrobus fares are $1.35 for regular buses and $3.10 for express buses.  Bus drivers do not carry money. Please have exact fare ready when you board.


AU provides a free shuttle service from the metro (Tenleytown-AU on the Red Line) to AU Main Campus and WCL. Follow the directional signs when exiting the Metro. The WCL shuttle picks up at the corner across from the side where you exit the metro. The shuttle to main campus picks up on the corner where you exit the metro.The WCL shuttle runs at at 15 and 45 minutes past the hour. Shuttle bus information is available at 202-885-3111 or at www.wcl.american.edu/shuttle.cfm#metro.


When using taxi service be sure to instruct the driver to take you to 4801 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. rather than just to American University, because the Washington College of Law is not situated on the main AU campus. If you need a taxicab, please call:

  • Diamond Cab: (202) 387-6200
  • Yellow Cab:    (202) 544-1212


The Law School building at 4801 Massachusetts Avenue is about a one mile (1.6 kilometers) walk, through a residential area, from the Tenleytown/AU Metrorail Station. If walking: exit the Station and proceed to Albemarle Street. Turn right on to Albemarle Street. Follow Albemarle Street to 48th Street, NW. Turn left on 48th and proceed about four blocks to Massachusetts Avenue, NW. The Law School is situated on your right. Enter it from the Massachusetts Avenue side.


Parking is available at 4801 Massachusetts Avenue. You may park your vehicles in the WCL garage without a permit, paying a daily fee. Alternatively, a permit may be purchased in the Facilities Management Office, room 383. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the parking policy please contact the Facilities Management Office at (202) 274-4008.


Please note that the cafeteria located in the 6th floor will be open in summer from 8am to 2:30pm Monday through Thursday. On Friday it will be open from 8am to 2pm.


Course materials will be available online throughMyWCL. Materials will be also available for purchase in the Law School Copy Center (room 465) for credit students.

Students registered for certificate can pick up materials from office 403 from Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Materials for the course Contributions of the ICC Court of Arbitration to de Development of International Commercial ARbitration will not be posted online. They can be purchase in the Law School Copy Center (room 465) for credit students.

If you have further questions about materials, please send an email to arbitration@wcl.american.edu.


The Pence Law Library entrance is on the first floor Law School building. The Law Library is open to the general public. Library hours for the summer term can be found on the Pence Law Library website http://library.wcl.american.edu/hours.cfm.

To start a search for books and periodicals, go to http://library.wcl.american.edu/ and click on “Leagle, Library Catalog”. The catalog identifies all of the materials housed in the library, as well as electronic resources available for use within the library.  

Many periodicals, including law reviews, bar journals, and newsletters, are available through HeinOnline, a full-text electronic database available on the Pence Law Library website, under “Research Tools.” Many indexes to legal periodicals are also available at this link. Links to all available research databases are located under “Information Resources, A to Z” or “Information Resources by Topic.” These links offer non-legal or more specified research tools. To access these resources from the Pence Law Library webpage, you must be connected to the WCL network, either in the law school or via remote access using your my.american.edu password.

To find out how to research arbitration law at the Pence Law Library, please CLICK HERE:

Professional reference assistance is available in the main reading room on the first floor of the Library. During the summer, reference assistance is available daily from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. During the academic year, reference service is available from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday; 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Friday; 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 pm Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.. Reference librarians are also available to faculty and students for research consultations by appointment. You may contact a reference librarian at reflib@wcl.american.edu or by telephone at 202-274-4352.

To make copies of publications in the Library, self-service photocopiers are located on both floors of the Library, and photocopy machines for microform are located in the Reserve Room on the first floor. All Library photocopiers require the use of a copy card. You can purchase a copy card at one of the "Card Value Centers" for $1 in one of the Library's copy rooms. Please note that there are no facilities available for making change from coins or bills. There are several banks and local businesses in the immediate area of the Law School that might assist you.


The Computer Lab is located on the second floor of the library straight ahead from the top of the stairs, in the open area along the back wall. The computer lab allows you to edit papers, check e-mail and do research. The library has research ONLY stations located on the first and second floor. You may do research using Lexis, Westlaw, CALI and the internet. However, editing papers and checking email is not permitted at these stations.

The Washington College of Law has designed its computer system to enable students to take maximum advantage of computers and the Internet. As one of the most "wired" law schools in the United States, WCL maintains a computer lab as well as laptop accessibility throughout its building.

The computer resources at WCL have been optimized to fit the needs of law students. The network connection is available in the classrooms and the library, and student computers are available in the computer lab. The lab maintains 52 PC workstations and 21 Macintosh PowerPC terminals. Students can also utilize the two HP 8000 laser printers in the lab or access the laser printers in the library via their own laptops. These resources allow for access to the Internet, to personalized e-mail accounts, and to the network printing system.


As you sit down at a library PC there will be a login window with two fields on information for you to fill in. Circulation desk staff will give you the necessary information to log onto the library computers.

Once you have finished work at your computer station, please make sure to logout. To do so go to the "Start Menu" and select "Close all programs and log on as a different user". This will detach your account form the network, allowing you to log on in the future.


If you wish to use your own laptop, please connect to the wireless network named Visitor. The username is practitioner and the password is summer10.


Washington area weather during the summer months is hot and humid. Temperatures usually arrange from 29 to 38 Celsius degrees (85 tp 100 Fahrenheit degrees) with high humidity.


Dress for classes at the university is generally casual. Jeans, skirts, shorts and athletic shoes are acceptable for both men and women.