Message from Director Nancy Boswell '87

Understanding, identifying and mitigating corruption risk has become a top priority for government officials seeking to enhance accountability, compliance lawyers advising companies operating in foreign markets and development practitioners seeking more effective outcomes. 

There is a growing demand for professionals knowledgeable about anti-corruption conventions, laws, cases, codes of conduct, compliance training, and risk management tools.  The U.S. and foreign governments, development agencies and contractors, corporations, financial institutions, law firms, and the NGO sector are all potential opportunities.  

The U.S. and International Anti-Corruption Law Summer Program provides access to leading government and private practitioners who bring first-hand experience into the classroom.  It also provides site visits and networking opportunities with practitioners from around the world.

As former president & CEO of Transparency International-USA with a career in international trade and finance law, I can attest to the tremendous value of strong legal grounding in anti-corruption law.  I invite you to attend the summer program to gain in-depth training from some of the top practitioners in the field.