AUWCL Alumni Volunteer Form

AUWCL alumni choose to share their professional experiences, career insights and contacts with current AUWCL students and recent graduates in innumerable ways. We are deeply grateful for all the help we have already received from our alumni!

We now invite you to participate in the career and professional development of current AUWCL students, recent graduates and fellow alumni by completing this simple form, which will allow us to improve the effectiveness of our efforts. These opportunities are offered through a number of offices at AUWCL, including the Office of Career and Professional Development, the Externship Program, the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, and the new AUWCL "Faculty Practice Group" initiative.

No matter how you choose to participate, we value your time and expertise, and thank you for your commitment to making AUWCL stronger and to supporting the next generation of AUWCL lawyers!

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Would you like to volunteer to work with one of the faculty practice groups to help provide career-specific advice to current students and recent graduates? If so, with which group(s) would you like to be involved (check all that apply):

In what ways would you like to support our current students, or otherwise engage in work we are doing at AUWCL (check all that apply)?

On-Campus Opportunities:

Remote and Online Opportunities:

Questions about alumni volunteer opportunities can be directed to the AUWCL Office of Development and Alumni Relations at: or (202)-274-4050