Students Working with Alumni


Please consider the Office of Alumni Relations as your alumni liaison and resource. We are happy to assist you with all of your alumni needs. And we look forward to working with you!

Feel free to reach out to alumni as speakers, panelists or Judges

Use social networking, the web et al. Just check our “do not contact” list located on the Alumni Relations page of MyWCL (and continuously updated) before reaching out to any alumni. You can take advantage of your personal relationships and those of your professors and student groups.

If needed, we can review your outreach notes/emails in advance. And, we would appreciate seeing your invitation lists before your reach out. That way we can give you a heads up on who may already be busy, who has a new address, or who has asked not to be contacted.

In some cases, we will make the contact for you.

If you want to contact someone on the “do not contact list” or need assistance with suggestions for alumni speakers/panelists/judges, just ask us and we will accommodate.

Once contact has been made, and an alumnus agrees to assist you, you can continue the contact directly.

Want to plan a joint event, or invite alumni en masse to your event?

Let’s meet and discuss the details, your budget, and how to market to alumni.

The Office of Alumni Relations has many ways to reach out to your specific group.

All alumni events are added to the WCL online calendar ( We are happy to have you add your events. Simply add “alumni” when you add your own programs to the calendar. In addition, please check the calendar before securing your date if you want to invite alumni. We are careful not to overlap events so alumni don’t have to choose, but can, instead, attend multiple events on multiple days.

Need help planning an event at WCL? Need suggestions for locations?

We are happy to assist you with event logistics (if your event is not planned in conjunction with SECLE), send a department representative to meet and greet the alumni, and provide gifts for the alumni speaker.

Please keep us in the loop!

Let the Office of Alumni Relations know that you are pursuing alumni, and the details of your event or program as far in advance as possible.

The Office of Alumni Relations is located in suite 374 (near the Dean’s office) and can be reached at:             X4163 or

Need gifts for your alumni speakers? (Up to 10)

Alumni Relations has gifts for this purpose. We can give you one gift per speaker (no gift wrapping or bags though). Just make an appointment by emailing In exchange, we need you to email the list of speakers and indicate which are alumni and which are not (if not already known).  Non alumni gifts can be found via SECLE.

If you need more than 10 gifts at one time, we can suggest specialty advertising vendors so you can order in quantity. Please allow 3 weeks per item. The vendor will bill you directly.

You can order plaques at Washington Trophy. They are an approved AU vendor and will also bill you directly. If you would like to run the wording by us, we are happy to review. Washington Trophy has the WCL logo on file. Please do not use the seal.

Plan to Fundraise? Reach out for in-kind gifts?

Please contact the Director of Annual Giving at to discuss the WCL fundraising policies, how to get the funds into your accounts and what forms are needed.

We look forward to working with you this academic year!

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations

All you have to do is contact us before you contact any alumni because WCL follows a strict alumni privacy policy.