WCL has experienced some recent security threats (along with other area schools), and, in order to make sure that all students, staff, and alumni are safe at all times, new security procedures (in the building) have been put in place. They are designed to allow everyone to enjoy the site and keep security high.

Alumni visiting the building should sign in at the front desk in the lobby. Please show a photo ID.

The security personnel will give you a dated badge. This badge will allow you access to the building, including the Pence Law Library. If you do not have a badge, you must show a photo ID when entering the library.

In addition, please sign out when you leave the building. This will help us if there is an emergency and the building is evacuated. We want to know who is still in the building if we have to search.

In addition, while in the library, you will have free access to Westlaw and other online resources, but keep in mind:

  • Just like any institution, you will need to pay for printing and other services
  • Alumni can use computers on the first floor of the Pence Law Library. These computers do not have word processing functions. Second floor computers are designated for students
  • Your alumni card will allow you to take out books (for WCL alumni only)

Parking in the WCL garage is available for a fee (not to exceed $8 per day). There is also parking at meters across the street. During alumni events, you will be notified if parking is free.

To order an alumni card, or for more information on these procedures, please email or call 202-274-4163.Thank you for your patience and understanding.