Finding an Alumnus

If you are an alumnus of American University Washington College of Law

Until February 2008, please:

            Email and include your name and degree and class year, and as much information as you have for the alumnus you are looking for.
We will search our database for the alumnus and contact that person(s) for you. We have a strict privacy policy, so it will be up to that person to contact you if they choose.

From mid-February 2008, please:

            Register or visit our online community site InCircle at address. If you find that the person you are looking for is active on the site, feel free to contact that person directly. If you cannot find that person’s contact information, email and we will try to assist you.

If you are not an alumnus of WCL, please:

            Email and include your name/title and the person(s) you are searching for. Please also include a short explanation as to why you are seeking this person(s). We will search for information on this person and contact them for you. We have a strict privacy policy, so we cannot give out alumni information. It will be up to the alumnus to contact you.