It's not too late!
WCL is still offering discounted tuition (50% reduction) for our 2011 JD graduates who wish to begin pursuing an LLM degree at WCL in the Fall 2011 or Spring 2012.

Be aware that further study might increase your level of debt. If you consider this option, mandatory consultation with the Office of Financial Aid is required.

The following is a list of WCL's current LL.M. Programs:

LL.M. in Law and Government

The Program on Law and Government offers new attorneys the opportunity to develop their existing areas of legal expertise, to chart out new professional terrains, to do serious scholarly research and writing, and to achieve hands-on experience in the field of American law and government. The Program has propelled in exciting and dramatic ways the careers of young lawyers preparing for careers in public service or academia and attorneys seeking the intellectual community and support to develop original scholarly work for publication. Students may choose to study in one of thirteen specialized areas, including Law, Legislation and Politics, Immigration Law & Policy, and Business & Financial Regulation.

To learn more, visit the LL.M. in Law and Government site, email or call 202-274-4268.

LL.M. in International Legal Studies

With students from over 50 countries, the International Legal Studies Program is one of the top LL.M. programs in the country and has been at the forefront of international legal education for over 25 years. The flexible curriculum includes 7 different areas of specialization ranging from human rights to intellectual property to business and trade. Our students learn from leading professors and practitioners, intern with global organizations and law firms, and have the opportunity to work on research and writing projects. The ILSP is currently the only program in the United States to offer a dual LL.M./MBA degree.

To learn more, visit the LL.M. in International Legal Studies site, email or call 202-274-4110.

LL.M. in Advocacy

The Advocacy LL.M. Program is an opportunity for law graduates to advance their legal advocacy skills. LL.M. students will enhance their technical trial skills, learn new litigation strategies and tools, master courtroom technology, and focus on the application of professional ethics in the pretrial and trial settings. The Advocacy LL.M Program is part of the Stephen S. Weinstein Trial Advocacy Program, which champions experiential learning in advocacy.

To learn more, visit the Advocacy LL.M. Program site, email, or call 202-274-4145.