Claudia Lewis

Ms. Lewis is 1995 graduate of the law school. As a student she was active on the Administrative Law Journal.

She is currently a partner at Venable LLP where she represents numerous clients in the areas of FDA regulations governing food, dietary supplements, over-the-counter drugs, homeopathic preparations, medical foods, medical devices and importation/exportation of FDA related goods; FTC regulations governing advertising appearing on the internet, television, print media and radio; FTC telemarketing regulations; USDA regulations governing the use of the term "organic"; and EPA regulations governing pesticides. Ms. Lewis also represents scientists, physicians, nutritionists, health care associations, and citizen groups. Furthermore she has a number of international clients who she has assisted in establishing a US market for their products.

She has been featured on various radio talk shows where she was asked to discuss issues ranging from the impact of Pearson vs. Shalala, FTC advertising regulations and Senate Bill 722, to the proposed cGMPs. She has also been quoted in the Vegetarian Times, Natural Pharmacy, and the Tan Sheets.


Updated 10/22/2013.