Myers Century Club

The Myers Century Club honors those donors who have given $100,000 or more to the Washington College of Law during their lifetime. They are amon the most dedicated and committed supporters of our law school. They have helped shape the future of WCL through their ongoing generosity. It is WCL's honor to recognize the following as members of this distinguished society.

Hassan Alaghband '84

   & Farrah Alaghband

Arnold & Porter LLP

Arthur B. Bakalar '29*

Edward C. Bou '58

   & Mary E. Bou

Warren J. Bronsnick '72

   & Deanna Bronsnick

Paula Caplan

The Folger Fund

The Estate of Ruth B. Friedman

Raymond I. Geraldson

Robert Glushko

   & Pamela Samuelson

Leonard S. Goodman

   & Barbara L. Goodman

John C. Green

June L. Green '41*

Lawrence M. Hahn

The Estate of Virginia W. James

John M. O'Quinn Foundation

Mark S. Levin

Chang H. Lie '00

   & Sun Ja Lie

Kenneth G. Lore '73

   & Patricia A. Lore

The Dr. Louis P. Levitt Memorial Trust

Mary & Daniel Loughran Foundation

Edward J. Mathias

Robyn R. Mathias '92

Edwin A. Mooers, Jr. '41*

Herbert N. Morgan '60

   & Joyce W. Morgan

William A. Muirhead '62

   & Mary K. Muirhead

Betty Southard Murphy '58

   & Cornelius F. Murphy, Sr.

The Myers Trust

Harold W. Nix

Augustus K. Oliver '75

   & Lisbeth R. Oliver

Carrington S. Oppenheim '50*

Cary Patterson

Robert F. Pence '71

   & Susan S. Pence

Provost Umphrey Tobacco

Reaud Charitable Foundation, Inc.

RJR Nabisco Foundation

The Estate of Albert H. Sheaffer '79

Paul Shiffman '62

   & Sevah S. Shiffman '79

Carl W. Thompson '36*

Esther E. Wampler Trust

Helen M. Waters '39*

Stephen S. Weinstein '65

   & Nancy B. Weinstein

Williams Kherkher


* Deceased