2018 Waiting List Reply Form and Information

Complete and submit this form with accurate contact information within two weeks of receipt of your waiting list notification. The Check Your Status page will be updated within one week of submission of this form. Please print a copy of your completed Waiting List Reply Form for your records.

Note for Full-Time Applicants: You may have a better chance of being admitted if you choose to be placed on the waiting list for EITHER program. If you choose this option, you may be admitted to the full-time or part-time division. The part-time program is in the evening (Monday through Thursday with the earliest class beginning at 6pm). If you enter as a part-time student, you may choose to switch to the full-time division after first year, and you can complete your degree in three years by attending two summer sessions.

Waiting List Reply Form

Please complete and submit this form within two weeks of receipt of your notification. If the Office of Admissions does not receive this form, we will withdraw your application from further waiting list consideration.

  • Please include an L when inputting your number (e.g. L12345678)
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2018 Waiting List Information

General Information

  • Selected waiting list candidates are contacted beginning in April through the summer via email.
  • If you will be unavailable by telephone and email at any point between now and August 15th, please designate a person who can make a deposit on your behalf. Email your designee's name and contact information to your admissions counselor.
  • If your contact information changes after you submit this form, please email your admissions counselor with the updated information.
  • If you are a spring 2018 graduate please send a copy of your spring transcript to the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) so they can provide us with an updated LSDAS report.
  • If you wish to indicate your continued interest, you can email your admissions counselor a brief statement no more than once a month. Please refrain from sending other update items other than those indicated. While you are welcome to visit the law school, please note that we do not offer evaluative interviews.
  • If a candidate is unsuccessful in gaining admission from the waiting list, final notification will be sent after classes have begun in late August or early September.

Waiting List Information Sessions

The Office of Admissions offers Waiting List Information Sessions on most Mondays and Fridays March to mid-May. These sessions are open only to candidates currently on our waiting list and will discuss the waiting list process. Attendees may also participate in the General Information Session and/or tour that day. The waiting list will not be discussed in the General Information Sessions so candidates with specific waiting list questions should attend the Waiting List session. View the schedule and RSVP here.

Action Items

1) Confirming your Participation: Complete and submit the Waiting List Reply Form with accurate contact information within two weeks of receipt of your waiting list notification. The Check Your Status page will be updated within one week of submission of this form.

2) Applying for Financial Aid: Please be sure that you have completed all financial aid forms so we can expedite the award process if you are admitted. The need-based grant application and FAFSA form are due by March 1 regardless of whether or not you have received a final admission decision. A financial aid award letter will be generated after receipt of the deposit.

3) Accepting our Offer of Admission: If a waiting list candidate is contacted and decides to accept, in an effort to be fair to all candidates, he/she is required to submit a $900.00 non-refundable seat deposit online via the MyAU web portal within 24 hours of the offer. Both credit card and eCheck payments are accepted. The $900.00 deposit is credited toward fall tuition.

  • Deferment of admission is not available to candidates admitted from the waiting list.


  • By submitting this form electronically, I certify that I have read the Waiting List Requirements and agree to all the conditions.