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Welcome! American University Washington College of Law (AUWCL) is a leading law school at the center of our legal system. As a transfer student you will benefit from our nationally acclaimed programs in Intellectual Property, International Law and Global Opportunities and Experiential Learning and Trial Practice. Here are some highlights of these programs:

  • Intellectual Property and the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property (PIJIP)

    Our curriculum includes a wide range of domestic and international courses and a renowned intellectual property clinic. Students have access to numerous special events and research opportunities in this law school and in Washington, DC, the city where so much IP law and policy is created. We emphasize building students' technical competence as lawyers along with their recognition of the many ways that IP matters to the larger society.

  • International Law and Global Opportunities

    For decades, AUWCL has offered a wider selection of courses in every aspect of international law, human rights, humanitarian law, and international business transactions than any other U.S. law school. More than 200 courses and seminars in international and comparative law reflect the law school's longstanding commitment to building and engaging the world community.

  • Clinical Opportunities, Externships, and Trial Advocacy

    First, AUWCL offers eleven clinics ranging from general civil practice, criminal law, and immigration. More than 240 student-attorneys represent real clients on actual cases through our renowned Clinical Program. Second, each year, nearly 400 students take advantage of domestic and international externships to gain academic credit and credentials that give them critical experience relevant to post-graduate employment. Third, the law school offers numerous course and practical experiences in basic and advanced trial advocacy.

  • Criminal Law and the Criminal Justice Practice and Policy Institute

    This institute builds on the strengths of our nationally and internationally renowned criminal law faculty and seeks to study and improve the practice of criminal law and justice. We focus on all participants in the criminal justice system — police, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, legislators, lobbyists, and grassroots change agents, and others.

For detail on these and other programs, see "Academic and Program Highlights" below.

  • Requirements

    • Transfer Applicants:

      1. All applicants must complete a minimum of one year of course work at an ABA accredited law school in either a full-time or part-time program and be in good academic standing to be eligible to apply to transfer, files can be reviewed in our Early Action Program after the completion of one semester.
      2. Applications are accepted for fall, spring, and summer.
      3. Refer to our detailed Transfer information for additional information on deadlines and requirements.
  • Financial Aid

    • Transfer and visiting students may apply for assistance to meet the cost of attending the American University Washington College of Law. Transfer students accepted for admission are eligible for aid offered by the Washington College of Law. Visiting students must seek assistance through their home institution. Begin the process as early as possible. Full-Time transfer applicants are eligible to apply for Washington College of Law Need-Based Grants by March 15th.

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  • Academic and Program Highlights

  • Experiential Learning Opportunities

    • Each year more than 86% of our students gain practical legal experience through our nationally recognized Clinics, Trial Advocacy Program, Supervised Externships, and Internships. These areas will help you hone your skills and build contacts.

      • Clinical Program - More than 200 student-attorneys represent real clients on actual cases. Our 11 renowned clinics allow students to work on issues ranging from immigration law to intellectual property law. There is no better way to develop and gain confidence in skills that include client and witness interviewing, client counseling, case theory development, investigation, witness examination, and negotiation.

      • Steven S. Weinstein Trial Advocacy Program - Our nationally-recognized program prepares more than 400 students for the courtroom each year. Litigation courses provide crucial pretrial and trial skills, such as developing a winning case theory and conducting witness examinations, and our state-of-the-art courtroom features cutting-edge technology. Students in the Mock Trial and Moot Court Honor Societies compete throughout the United States.

      • Supervised Externships - Gain valuable on-the-job legal experience while earning academic credit. Each year this unique program enables more than 400 students to work in a range of practice areas at U.S. Government agencies, public interest and trade organizations, the courts, and pro bono law firms in the metropolitan area. See examples of externships.

      • Writing opportunities - AUWCL has 5 scholarly journals along with 10 other student-edited publications. The AUWCL faculty encourages students to write and publish not only in our own publications but in a variety of others nationwide. Popular seminars encourage and support student writing, as do faculty-supervised Independent Study Programs. Fall transfer students can try out for our journals during a write-on competition the first week of school.

  • International Opportunities

    • The international law program at American University Washington College of Law is one of the most comprehensive and well respected in the world. The depth of courses and the breadth of opportunities we offer-coupled with our Washington, D.C. location-place this law school at the top of the list for students who want an international focus on their studies and career.

      • Study Abroad, Semester Exchange, International Dual Degree - We offer more than 35 study abroad opportunities in 21 countries on 6 continents including short-term summer programs, semester exchange opportunities, and international dual degrees. 50% of our recent JD graduates participated in a legal education experience abroad as a way to learn about legal and judicial systems of other countries and to take part in professional and cultural exchange.

      • International Curriculum - Our scholarship and numerous international programs reflect our longstanding commitment to building the world community. More than 180 courses and seminars in international and comparative law offer students a superb and specialized training in international law.

      • Other Unique International Opportunities - Truly unique international programs abound at the law school. Students can see their research impact the world in a real way through the Public International Law and Policy Program, the United Nations Committee against Torture (UN CAT) Project, and more.

  • Career Development

    • The law school's Office of Career & Professional Development (OCPD) is committed to the career satisfaction of our students and alumni and offers a variety of services to assist them with their career development. In addition to fall and spring recruitment programs, OCPD sponsors close to 100 educational programs and conducts several thousand individual counseling sessions involving self-assessment and the preparation of effective application materials, the development of job-search strategies, and professionalism during each phase of the process.

      Transfer students starting in the fall semester, have the opportunity to participate in AUWCL's Fall Recruitment (deadlines vary).

  • Living in Washington, D.C

    • You can study the rule of law almost anywhere. But to really learn it, there is nothing quite like being in the nation's capital. Not a week goes by without a member of Congress or representative from the Department of Justice or another government agency visiting campus to speak at an event or symposium. The highest court in the land is just across town. And the international community is represented here by the World Bank, IMF, OAS, and hundreds of other institutions that partner with the law school on events and externships.

      • Lifestyle
        Washington, D.C. isn't always suits and briefcases. This city boasts unlimited leisure activities, from running and biking to volleyball and softball leagues. Of course, you know about all of our museums and monuments. We also have world-class restaurants and night spots, and plenty of live theater, live music, farmers markets, and street festivals. The Nationals, Redskins, Wizards, and Capitals all call Washington home. Believe it or not, skiing is less than an hour and a half away, and the beach is just two.

      • Housing
        Washington has wonderfully diverse neighborhoods where you can find a place that suits your lifestyle, budget, and need for peace and quiet or excitement. While we don't offer on-campus housing, our Admissions staff works closely with incoming students to find housing and roommates. The Admissions Office hosts a housing conference for incoming students each summer the last week in June with bus tours of neighborhoods where students typically live, social events to meet potential roommates, and opportunities to meet local leasing agencies. Access our in-depth housing guide and learn more.

  • Our New Law Campus

    • Our eight-acre Tenley Campus is a vibrant, technically advanced legal center.The law school opened our new Tenley Campus in January 2016.

      Tenley Campus Capital Building

We invite you to explore our law school community! Come to a special event or a weekly campus visit activity.

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