The University and Law School

American University CampusThe Washington College of Law, part of American University (AU) since 1949, is located one-half mile from the university's 78-acre campus in one of the city's safest and most beautiful residential neighborhoods.

Affiliation with a major university has substantial benefits, including dual degree graduate programs with the School of International Service, the School of Public Affairs, and the Kogod School of Business. Upon approval by the WCL Registrar, you may enroll in other graduate-level university courses, and you have full access to the main library, the many cultural events held on campus, various university microcomputer laboratories, and the recreational facilities in the sports center.

The Washington College of Law is the result of a vision of two remarkable women, Ellen Spencer Mussey and Emma M. Gillett, who in 1896 established a coeducational school to ensure that women, as well as men, had the opportunity to study law. This extraordinary history has formed the foundation for the law school's long commitment to increasing opportunities for those who traditionally have not been in the mainstream of the profession. Today, the tradition continues. The law school is a leading center for studying issues concerning women and the law. The AUWCL student body is exceptionally diverse, and we are committed to a concept of legal education that goes beyond the texts to encompass the whole person.