Law and Business: The JD/MBA Program

The JD/MBA program at WCL provides an excellent opportunity for students who desire to combine skills and develop expertise in both law and business. This program adequately prepares students for virtually any career in either arena, providing students with a unique lens to look at the world through.  With the JD/MBA, students are equipped to analyze issues meticulously like a lawyer, as well as approach problems strategically from a business view.

Because some courses can be counted toward both degrees, you can finish the two degrees in less time than it would take to earn them individually. The JD/MBA degree can be completed in four years. JD/MBA students are enrolled in both the Washington College of Law and the Kogod School of Business at American University.

The law curriculum adds a theoretical dimension to the applied and practical study of business, while the MBA includes courses such as managerial economics, financial accounting, organizational behavior, and financial management. A fluency in accounting and finance, as well as the ability to look at a financial statement or balance sheet and understand the meaning behind the numbers is central to much of the work that is done in business and corporate law.

Whether you choose to practice law for the business community or want to pursue a career as a business person with legal training, you will profit from a greater understanding of both disciplines. Studies of international and domestic issues increase your marketability in the current global economy. As a graduate of this program you are well equipped for a career as an in-house counsel or outside legal advisor in government or in the private sector--or as a member of a business management team.

Please also visit the new website of the JD/MBA Club, a student led organization whose goal is to serve, inform, and inspire law students to explore the different opportunities in business where they can use their ability to think critically, analyze issues, and communicate effectively.  The JD/MBA Club’s website is below:

The JD/MBA Club can also answer any questions that you may have about the JD/MBA Program or JD/MBA Club upcoming events. The JD/MBA Club can be reached at:

Admission for Entering Students

For admission to the JD/MBA program you must have a baccalaurcate degree from an accredited college or university and take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Applications are accepted for the entering class between October 1 and March 1 for the following fall semester only. Primary emphasis is given to the undergraduate record LSAT scores and other major acccomplishrments and achievements whether academic work-related or extracurricular.

Applicants must satisfy the admission requirements of both WCL and the Kogod School of Business. The Kogod School of Business requires a satisfactory grade point average for the last 60 semester hours of undergraduate study. If you are a JD candidate Kogod will accept the LSAT in lieu of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Admission to the MBA portion of the JD/MBA is highly selective. Please note that we strongly recommend having a minimum of 2 years of full time work experience.

You need complete only the law school's application form and indicate in the 'degree objective' portion of the application that you are applying for the combined program. You are judged by the law school on the same criteria as non dual-degree candidates. If accepted by the law school your admissions file is forwarded to Kogod for a decision. You will then be asked to send or email ( a current resume to Kogod Graduate Admissions, along with a personal statement addressing your career goals and ability to undertake graduate business education at this time (300-500 words).

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