What Students Say about the Program

Robin Gary
"The degree from the law school is like the biggest and best ice cream sundae. But, it is the joint degree- the combination of the law degree and the masters in international affairs - that is the whipped cream and cherry on top of that sundae. This is a great program!!"

Nate Kirschner
"LOCATION! The program's location is great. The school is in Washington, DC which has afforded me a lot of opportunities to attend speeches and programs specific to my areas of interest."

Laura Martino
"The opportunities are endless as far as internships and externships. I have been able to assist with pro-bono legal work for various countries, including Kosovo, Somalia and Montenegro. These opportunities prove to me that this field is where I want to be and that this degree is a great stepping stone to get there."

Courtney Meade
"The other students have been great resources for me. The joint-degree program brings together students from all walks of life and with a wide variety of experiences and contacts. The program's close contact with the large LLM program at the law school is a great networking option as well."

Adam S. Wilczewski
"The combination of classes from the law school, which is ranked in the top 10 in the country in international law, and classes from the school of international service, has made me a well-rounded candidate for a variety of jobs from law firms to NGOs."

Karen Heymen
"The professors are incredibly willing to work with each student on an individual basis. They challenge the students and assist us in creating a program that is tailored to our interests and strengths."