Program Requirements

The JD/MA program is three and a half years. Students must reserve at least 6 SIS credits to complete after JD graduation. During the first year of the program, students complete the required first-year law courses. Following the first year of law school, students take a minimum of 21 credit hours in the School of International Service. Part-time law students are also eligible to participate in the program.

Degree Requirements

  • 80 credit hours (minimum) from the law school
  • 21 credit hours (minimum) from SIS
  • Foreign language competence is required. The requirement is PROFICIENCY in a modern foreign language. There are a variety of ways to fulfill this requirement, including the TOR exam at the Center for Language Exploration, Acquistion 7 Research (CLEAR) For more information on other options, students should contact the JD/MA academic advisor.
  • Comprehensive Exam
Degree Requirements for Joint JD/MA in International Affairs SIS WCL
Introduction to Theory in IR
Approved Theory Course
Approved Course in International Politics Field
Legal Rhetoric   (4)

IR Methods:

Intro to Quantitative Analysis
Approved Course in Methods
Three 1 unit Methods Institutes

Approved Course in International Business, Economic or Trade Law
5 Units of General International Law Course Work   (5)

Related SIS Field (Electives)

Three courses in one established field
Three courses in a field designed by the student and approved by the Director of the Program


Writing/Research Requirement

SIS Thesis
Substantial Research Paper and Co-op/Internship
Two Substantial research papers

(3) (3)
Passing evaluation in one Comprehensive Examination associated with substantial research paper
Passing evaluation in one modern foreign language    
Total 36 credits 21 15