Additional Information, Links & Listservs

SIS Website

For more information on other SIS programs and fields, news and events, faculty contact information and more. Includes helpful links to other AU offices.


  • JD/MA Listserv - for current students only
    For current JD/MA students, there is a listserv dedicated to announcements related solely to the JD/MA program. To subscribe, send an email to In the text of the message type: Subscribe JDMA-L Full Name, AU ID#

  • SIS Listservs - for current students only
    SIS-L, the primary School of International Service listserv. Posts include academic notices, on-campus and off-campus international events, internship and job announcements.

  • SIS Field Specific Listservs
    These listservs include posts related to each specific field

    • IDPSA-L- International Development
    • ICSF-L - International Communication
    • PCR-L and PEACENEGOTIATIONWATCH- International Peace and Conflict Resolution
    • Comregstudies- Comparative and Regional Studies
    • Envirpolma - Global Environmental Politics
    • NRSD-L- Natural Resources and Sustainable Development
    • IPGRAD-L- International Politics and US Foreign Policy
    • IER-L- International Economic Relations
  • To subscribe to any of these lists except the JD/MA listserv
    Send an e-mail to In the text of the message, type: "Sub LISTNAME FIRSTNAME LASTNAME". For Example: subscribe SIS-L Jane Doe

Funding & Conference Opportunities

There are a several funding and conference opportunities available for students to seek grants. Listed below are some of the places to seek funding.