Career Counseling Services

Career counseling is available through:

AU's Career Center compiles listings of jobs and internships of interest to SIS students. Cooperative education opportunities, both domestic and international, are available for JD/MA students in partial fulfillment of the master's degree requirements. For a listing of AU Career Center's School-Specific Resources for SIS students please click here.

WCL's Office of Career & Professional Development provides current information on various law firms, corporations, public interest groups, and governmental agencies. In addition to coordinating on-campus recruitment, the office also advises students on resume preparation and other topics. AU's Career Center offers similar programs, but on a broader scale targeted for the full range of university programs.

Numerous opportunities exist for internships, externships, and field placements through the School of International Service Graduate Office and the Washington College of Law internship office. Internships, as a part of the program of study, are available in public, private, and nongovernmental organizations in Washington, DC and around the world.

The university and law school have a number of student groups whose activities are of interest to JD/MA students, including: