Early Decision Option Certification

Note: Certification only required for Early Decision Option candidates.

Please carefully read the full description of the Early Decision Option on our website at www.wcl.american.edu/admiss/edo.cfm. Candidates pursuing the Early Decision Option must submit this Early Decision Option Certification in addition to the application.

Early Decision is designed for full and part-time prospective first-year law candidates who are confident that the Washington College of Law is their first choice. Since the evaluation for need-based financial aid cannot be reviewed by January 15, 2018, early decision candidates must be able to commit to WCL without knowing their full financial aid package. We expect candidates who select this option have researched a range of law schools and are committed to enrolling at American University Washington College of Law in the fall if offered admission.

Requirements for the Early Decision Option:

  • A file is ready for review once we have received a completed application, application fee/waiver, LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS) /LSDAS report, personal statement, one letter of recommendation and the completed Early Decision Option Certification.
  • You may not apply for another binding early decision program at another law school.
  • If admitted to American University Washington College of Law under the Early Decision Option you must:
    • Submit a non-refundable tuition deposit of $900 by January 31, 2018
    • Enroll at AUWCL
    • Withdraw all applications at other law schools regardless of your status
    • Not initiate any new applications
    • Not defer admission to a later year
    • Not switch between the full-time and part-time programs prior to enrollment

Note: It may take up to two weeks for the law school to receive material processed through LSAC. Please take this timing into account when applying.

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By submitting this Early Decision Option Certification to the Office of Admissions at American University Washington College of Law I certify that I have read all the requirements, understand the terms and conditions, and agree to be bound by the requirements of Early Decision Option. American University Washington College of Law is my first choice and I will enroll if admitted.