2017 Course Schedule and Descriptions

  • Law students may earn a maximum of 2 academic credits and are subject to ABA Standard 310 requiring 30 hours per credit of outside work.
  • Certificate students may take unlimited courses (the schedule allows a maximum of 3 courses).

Doing Business Abroad: Corruption Risk & Mitigation (LAW-795BX-001)

9:00AM-11:30AM MTWUF (1 academic credit)

Room TBC

Lead FCPA prosecutors and private practitioners discuss the law and recent cases related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Dodd-Frank and SOX requirements, UK Bribery Act and other foreign bribery laws and enforcement as well as practice in private sector compliance programs and training, due diligence, and monitorships.

Doing Business in the U.S.: The Legal Anti-Corruption Framework (LAW-795BV-001)

1:00PM-3:30PM MTWUF (1 academic credit)

Room TBC

Learn what you need to know about U.S. institutions and laws on bribery, fraud, and anti-money laundering, access to information, conflicts of interest, asset disclosure, gifts and political contributions, whistleblower protection, and other accountability and oversight mechanisms.

United Nations Convention Against Corruption (LAW-795BU-001)

9:00AM–11:30AM MTWUF (1 academic credit)

Room TBC

Government officials and private practitioners will gain practical knowledge from an UNCAC negotiator and peer reviewer about the anti-corruption prevention, criminal enforcement, legal assistance and asset recovery provisions, their implementation and application and peer review system covering 170 Parties.

Public Procurement: Multilateral Development Banks (LAW-795BR-001)

4:00PM-7PM MTWU (1 academic credit)

Room TBC

Learn from World Bank investigators and private sector defense counsel about new approaches to corruption, red flag identification and mitigation, sanctions, asset recovery and how referrals to law enforcement authorities are changing the game.

Corruption and Human Rights (LAW-795BH-001)

1:00PM-3:30PM  MTWUF (1 academic credit)

Room TBC

For lawyers with non-profits, development institutions and corporations, learn how corruption and bribery undermine implementation of human rights legal obligations, such as access to justice, essential public services, economic opportunity and basic security.  The UNCAC seeks to address this challenge.

Site Visits & Special Guest Speakers


Site visits complement curriculum with lectures at the World Bank, Organization of American States and other organizations involved in the anti-corruption movement. There will be program-wide opportunities for all participants to hear from special guest speakers on relevant topics and to engage with other program participants and lecturers to foster connections across geographic and substantive backgrounds. A Certificate Ceremony will conclude the program.

Special guest speakers have included the Honorable Richard Thornburgh, US Department of Justice former Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer, and Drago Kos, OECD Working Group Chairman, Thomas Malinowski, Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy and Human Rights, Stewart Bowen, Former Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, among others.