Admission & Application


This program is open to:

  • Attorneys in private practice seeking to develop or deepen their expertise;
  • Government officials working to enhance integrity in public service;
  • Non-profit and development assistance providers seeking effective outcomes; or
  • LL.M. and 3 L JD students.  Those seeking academic credit may take a maximum of 2 credits and are subject to ABA Standard 310 requiring 30 hours per credit of outside class work.

To be eligible, candidates must:

  • Hold a law degree either from a U.S. law school accredited by the American Bar Association or from a foreign law school with equivalent standards; or,
  • Be enrolled in a law degree program at a U.S. law school accredited by the American Bar Association or a foreign law school with equivalent standards and have completed the second year of law school and an international law course
  • Work as practitioners in anti-corruption programs (at the discretion of the director)
  • Be an LL.M. or JD student who has taken an international law course and is entering 3rd year
  • Show English proficiency

Practitioners, Government Officials & Scholars


The program is open to attorneys, government officials, practitioners and scholars seeking to enhance their anti-corruption expertise through engagement with leading legal experts from the public and private sectors and international organizations. A Certificate of Completion will be presented upon successful completion of the program and take-home online exam.

To apply please complete the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM.

NOTE: American University Washington College of Law is an accredited CLE provider for Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York and accreditation will be applied for with these states, together with any other states as requested.

Refund Policy: The $65 application fee is non-refundable. The Program Director may approve a refund of the course fee, provided that a written cancellation is provided at least three days prior to the start of the program.

Visiting LL.M. and JD Students (from ABA Accredited Schools)


Summer visiting law students who wish to receive academic credit must have a letter of good standing and permission to enroll from their home institution. Use the online "Summer Visiting Student Application Form" to begin the process.

Office of the Registrar
American University Washington College of Law
4300 Nebraska Avenue, NW, Suite C101
Washington, DC 20016-8125

Current WCL L.L.M. and JD Students


Current American University Washington College of Law 3L JD and LL.M. students do not need to submit a separate application but should enroll through the myAU portal. All courses are for 1 credit. A maximum of 2 credits is available to present law students.

The Office of the Register can be reached by: Tel: 202-274-4080, Fax: 202-274-4085, or email at