Geneva: Human Rights, Labor, International Law Commission

Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law: Current Challenges

June 21 - July 11, 2020
Professor Claudio Grossman and Professor Diego Rodriguez-Pinzon

This program has been suspended for Summer 2020.

This course will focus on current developments in international human rights law and international humanitarian law and will allow students to explore the practical underpinnings of these two aspects of law in Geneva. Students will have access to the main actors in the United Nations system and civil society who shape the legal and political debate surrounding the UN Human Rights Council and its special mandates, as well as the work of UN treaty bodies. Students will study at the International Law Commission (ILC) with Professor Claudio Grossman.

International Labor Organization: Decent Work Agenda

June 21 - July 11, 2020
Professor Macarena Saez

This course will focus on the International Labor Organization in Geneva and the multiple ways in which it promotes rights at work, employment and social protection. The course will touch on diverse issues related to the protection of workers such as global supply chains, corporate social responsibility, rights of workers with disabilities, labor migration, and the rights of indigenous peoples, among others.



In 2019, Professor and International Law Commission member Claudio Grossman provided an opportunity for students to work as legal assistants in Geneva to support his work at the International Law Commission. Please direct questions about 2020 opportunities to Kate Holcombe, Assistant Director of the Kovler Project Against Torture.