National Externships

U.S. Long Distance Program


The Summer Long Distance Externship Seminar is held in mid May for a three to four days and in mid August for another three to four days at WCL. Enrollment and Attendance is MANDATORY for all students planning to extern outside of the Washington DC Metro Area this summer. For summer 2017, the long distance seminar will meet May 15th to May 17th, from 10:00 to 4pm and August 14th to August 16th, from 10:00 to 4pm. . All seminar class meetings will take place at WCL.

You may want to take advantage of this program if you have decided to return home to be with family or friends for the summer or you have made contact with a specific organization in another state. If you would like to extern in a state outside of DC, Maryland and Virginia, our U.S. Long Distance Program is for you!

Students will participate in an intensive seminar for 3-4 days in May, which prepares them for the fieldwork experience. At the conclusion of the seminar, U.S. Long Distance students disperse to their externship sites where they normally work full-time for 7-10 weeks. During this period, students also communicate regularly with one another via the Internet classroom. The "classroom" contains a discussion board where students can update classmates on their experiences as well as participate in on-line class discussion of challenging issues they may be confronting in their externships. In some weeks, students circulate their journals to one another via the technology links and comment on issues raised in the journal entries. Our Internet classroom also contains a chat room for simultaneous on-line discussion. Students find the opportunity to communicate with one another from around the country and to compare their work experiences, one of the richest aspects of the program.

Students will gather at WCL again for 3-4 days in August for an intensive debriefing of the summer experience. This week will focus on drawing lessons from their work and from their observations about the legal profession and legal institutions.

Students typically earn 6 credits for participation in the U.S. Long Distance Program - 3 graded credits for the faculty supervision/seminar component and 3 pass/fail credits for the field work component. Students who wish to work less than 280 hours in the field may earn fewer field credits. Attendance at all six seminar meetings is mandatory.