1L Externship Timeline


  • Attend OCPD Info Sessions
  • Read the OCPD Student Handbook
  • Review and update your resume using samples in the Handbook and on the OCPD website
  • Meet with an OCPD Counselor and start preparing application materials – resume, cover letter, writing sample
  • Attend the Externship Orientation
  • Sign up for Faculty Practice Groups


  • During your break, review the Externship Database and OCPD CareerLink Database
  • Consider your interests and goals for an externship.
  • Review the Externship Fair materials here.
  • Apply to placements found in the databases. You do not have to wait until the Externship Fair to apply to a placement.


  • Continue applying to placements found in the databases
  • Network - See the Finding a Field Placement page for networking tips
  • Attend the Externship Fair and the Public Interest Fair
  • Follow up with Fair employers with thank you notes, resumes, and cover letters.


  • Continue applying
  • Get an offer? Review placement evaluations in the Externship Program Office
  • No offers yet? Apply to additional field placements
  • Check CareerLink and Faculty Practice Group Listservs regularly for new postings


  • Register for a Summer or Fall Externship Seminar
  • Register your field placement