The Externship Attorney Supervisor is responsible for the following:

  1. Externs will be provided with substantial legal experience that is reasonably similar to the experience of a lawyer advising or representing a client; the extern will not be assigned non-legal or clerical activities.
  2. The extern will be directly supervised by a licensed attorney who is employed by the field placement.
  3. The extern and the Supervising Attorney will work on-site.
  4. The Supervising Attorney will assign multiple opportunities for performance and will provide regular feedback and opportunities for self-evaluation.
  5. The extern and the Supervising Attorney will meet at least weekly.
  6. The extern will have opportunities to observe legal practice and to discuss these observations with supervisors and other staff members.
  7. At the start of the externship, externs will receive an orientation, including a discussion of office procedures, and confidentiality, and will be given adequate work space.
  8. Within the first two week of the externship, attorney supervisors will meet with the extern to discuss the extern’s goals (learning outcomes) and the attorney’s expectations, and will develop a work plan for the semester.
  9. At mid-semester, the attorney supervisor will meet with the extern to review the student’s self-assessment and discuss the extern’s progress toward meeting the goals developed during the initial meeting.
  10. Attorney Supervisors will provide faculty and externs with a written final evaluation of the student’s work product and conduct in the work place and will provide the law school with confirmation of the extern’s hours.