Requesting An Extern

How to Ensure Your Organization Continues to Receive Applications from Students

We welcome notification of new or existing positions with your organization at any time of the year. However, to ensure your organization secures externship applications from Washington College of Law students on a regular basis, we offer the following suggestions:

List your externship in the Externship Database and email the Externship Program at to publicize your externship opportunities.

For Spring semester externs, contact our office in mid-October and we will announce that the position is available.

For Summer and Fall semester externs, contact our office in late March. Check in with us again in early August. We will publicize the position each time.

Ask your current extern(s) to recommend your placement(s) to friends.

Attend our annual Externship Fair.

Periodically check your listing in the Externship Database, in order to ensure that our information is current (in particular, check contact information--email addresses and telephone numbers). If you do not have the password, please contact our office at