Fieldwork Approval and Registration

 The Externship Office reviews all field placement requests prior to approval as part of the registration process.  The Office contacts all new employers to ensure they understand the Program requirements and agree to provide externs with a substantive work experience that meets those requirements.  For more information about the requirements for field placements click on the

  1.  To Register for externship fieldwork credit: After registering for an externship seminar (LAW-769) on, submit your request for approval/registration for your field placement by clicking the "Apply For Your Fieldwork Registration" below.    The online approval process permits you to enter information about your externship, sign the student externship contract, and submit the contract to be signed by your employer. After the Externship Program has approved your placement, your supervising attorney will be sent a contract to "e-sign." After the employer contract is signed, an add/drop form with the LAW-899 field credits will be emailed to you. Bring the add/drop form to the Externship Office to be signed and deliver the signed form to the Registrar's Office in suite 304.
  2. Second/Repeat Externs: Students who have already participated in a three credit externship seminar may not enroll in a second three credit seminar and instead they enroll in the one credit Advanced Supervision Seminar.  This is a pass/fail course that meets eight times over the course of the semester.   Exceptions may be made for students participating in a long distance externship. Students may not receive credit for externing at the same placement twice unless they have received prior approval from the Externship Office.  They must provide a written statement demonstrating that they will doing substantially different or more advanced work, preferably under the supervision of different or additional attorneys.
  3. Important: The only way to register for the Fieldwork credit (LAW-899) is to submit the fieldwork application; Your registration for the fieldwork credit will not be complete until you have submitted the signed add/drop to the Registrar's Office (in person).
  4. Externs may extern outside of the Washington, D.C. area during the summer semester

All contracts must be signed and registration for fieldwork credit must be completed by the end of the add/drop period. If you have not been able to obtain the requisite signatures, please contact the Externship Office.


Apply for your Fieldwork Registration