Our Work

Immigration Deportation Defense & Immigration Detention

  • Representation of immigrants in removal proceedings, with a focus on detained immigrants and those with criminal records.  These cases involve different forms of relief, including cancellation of removal, refugee waivers, asylum, withholding of removal, and relief under the UN Convention Against Torture.

  • Representation of detained immigrants with final orders of removal who are being held indefinitely in government custody.

  • Representation of minors in removal proceedings in applying for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS), including related representation before family courts.

  • Monitoring of enforcement actions, immigration detention conditions, and advocacy around specific detention issues.

Immigrant Workers' Rights

  • Representation of vulnerable workers, including day laborers and domestic workers, in recovering unpaid wages for work performed.

  • Representation of immigrant victims of labor trafficking in applying for immigration relief (specifically, T visas) and pursuing related civil claims.

  • Representation of temporary guest workers on a range of employment law claims, and partnerships with non-profit organizations to advance the interests of temporary guest workers.

Civil Rights for Immigrants

  • Advocacy for enhanced language access protections for Limited English Proficient (LEP) persons in the metropolitan area, and full enforcement of existing protections.

  • Representation of immigrants who have been subjected to racial, religious, or national origin profiling by federal, state, or local government officials.

  • Research and monitoring of information sharing policies between local government and federal immigration enforcement authorities to aid in advocacy efforts.

  • Collaboration with medical and health providers to deliver legal services to immigrants experiencing health-harming immigration legal needs.

  • Individual representation for individuals in complaints of national origin discrimination, particularly when related to language access.

  • Work on other emerging civil rights issues for the local immigrant community.

Immigration, Gender & Sexual Orientation

  • Representation of immigrant crime survivors in seeking immigration relief, including Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) petitions, T visas, U visas, asylum, and more.

  • Representation of immigrants on cutting-edge asylum claims based on gender and sexual orientation.

  • Representation and advocacy focused on detention practices and conditions for female and LGBTQ migrants.

Defending the AU Dream Initiative

  • Immigration legal support and resources for current students enrolled in institutions of higher education in the D.C. Metropolitan Area.

  • Advice, counsel, and representation of undocumented, DACA-mented, and documented undergraduate and graduate students.

  • On a case-by-case basis, representation of parents, spouses, or children of undocumented or documented students.

  • International students who may have a humanitarian-based immigration claim (such as asylum or visas for victims of crimes).

  • Partnership building with on and off-campus student programs and networks to support immigrant students.