D.C. Law Students in Court

D.C. Law Students in Court (LSIC) is an independent nonprofit legal services program in which students from AUWCL and several other area law schools participate as student attorneys. LSIC students and staff make over one thousand appearances in court each year.  Students represent clients in D.C. Superior Court, primarily in the Landlord and Tenant and Small Claims Branches.  Other cases may be in the Civil Division and before D.C. administrative agencies.  The program works to fight the consequences of poverty, to prevent homelessness and to alleviate inequalities in the justice system while teaching law students to become effective advocates.


Areas of Focus

The program offers a learning environment that focuses on case preparation, courtroom experience and one-on-one working relationships with experienced instructors. Supervision and instruction emphasize litigation strategy and the skills necessary for effective lawyering. Class work and supervision promote reflection on what a lawyer’s role should and can be. Individual and class instruction also focus on the lawyer-client relationship and client-centered representation.

Meet our Faculty and Staff


Moses A. Cook

Executive Director, DC Law Students in Court

Moses Cook is the executive director of the DC Law Students in Court clinical program.