Immigrant Justice Clinic Argues Before the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals

Tori Latus
Tori Latus '18

In October, Victoria Latus ’18 argued a case before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit on behalf of the Immigrant Justice Clinic. Latus participated in the Clinic as a 3L in 2017-2018, and had expertly briefed this case, along with her Clinic partner, James Kim ’18, under the supervision of Associate Dean Jayesh Rathod and Professor Amanda Frost. 

The case was brought to challenge a removal based on an alleged aggravated felony conviction. Latus' argument involved the application of a categorical approach to an aggravated felony provision in the Immigrant and Nationality Act (INA), and also raised questions regarding Chevron deference in the criminal-immigration context.