Civil Advocacy Clinic Students Score Multiple Client Victories

CAC Students
From left to right: Ben Slopadoe '19, Cassandra Doran '19, Sofiat Abdulrazaaq '19, Brittany Mountjoy '19, Whitney Williams '19, Samantha Nelson '19, Heather Lawrie '19, and Santiago Montalvo '20.

While we are excited to welcome the 2019-2020 crop of Clinic students, we have plenty of reasons to brag about our recent students and grads!

In 2019-2020, the eight Civil Advocacy Clinic (CAC) evening students, between them, 

  • successfully represented a homeless woman with a mental disability after the DC Housing Authority (DCHA) erroneously denied her a housing voucher;
  • secured the dismissal of a default judgment against a debtor in Small Claims Court, after proving the default was based on improper service; and
  • secured unemployment benefits for two individuals in hearings at the DC Office of Administrative Hearings in cases where both individuals had been fired for misconduct, but neither employer could prove misconduct at the hearings; thus, the clients received their unemployment payments.

In addition to teaching students the practicalities of how to "be the lawyer," our Civil Advocacy Clinic prides itself on its focus on teaching students how the law can or should be a means to economic justice.