Enrollment Options and Credits

View our enrollment and credit options below. Be sure to review our pre- and co-requisites for additional info about Clinic requirements.

Clinic Full Year/semester Accepting Year Credits Per Semester
Civil Advocacy Clinic day & evening sections fall or spring semester full time 2L & 3L
part time 3L & 4L
7 - Day
5 - Evening
Community & Economic
Law Clinic
Full year 2L & 3L 7
Criminal Justice Clinic Fall or spring defense,* fall prosecution

*Students who participate in spring semester defense fieldwork (4 credits) will enroll in 1 seminar credit in the previous fall semester, then complete the remaining 2 seminar credits (for 3 total clinic seminar credits during that year) in the spring semester.
2L & 3L Defense - 7
Prosecution - 4
D.C. Law Students in Court fall and spring 2L and 3L 6
Disability Rights Law Clinic full year 2L & 3L 7
Glushko-Samuelson Intellectual Property Law Clinic full year 2L & 3L 7
Janet R. Spragens
Federal Tax Clinic
fall or spring semester 2L (spring only)
& 3L
Immigrant Justice Clinic full year 2L & 3L 7
International Human Rights Law Clinic full year 2L & 3L 7
Re-Entry Clinic fall or spring semester, evening clinic PT 4L, 3L, 2L 5
Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Clinic 
spring semester 2020*
*Subject to Instructor Availability
2L & 3L 7
Women and the Law Clinic full year or fall*

*Fall WALC students enroll in seminar and field work for the fall semester, and they continue with field work only in the spring semester (usually for 1-3 additional credits)
2L & 3L 7