Attorneys and judges in the Diplomado

The criminal justice system in Latin America has undergone a profound process of change in the last twenty-five years, particularly in relation to the implementation of procedural systems of an accusatory court. This transformation implied a general readjustment of the institutions of the judicial sector, which had to be reorganized to meet the demands of said reform.

Among its changes, this new paradigm brought with it the establishment of a system for audiences as a work space for the production of information between the parties, in the presence of the judge. Thus, there was a radical change in the way of making judicial decisions, while the written and secret file was replaced by the oral and public hearing.

This new scenario meant the need to develop and learn skills that would allow working in an oral model, such as litigation techniques. For a long time, the teaching of this subject was limited to the field of oral judgment, although in recent years the base has been broadened towards the demands of the audiences prior to the debate stage.

Despite this, the need to consolidate an academic and training space that can consolidate the transmission and exchange of experiences around all the audiences that are involved in an adversarial system of an oral and public nature is still observed. Thus, the Diploma in Oral Criminal Litigation, organized jointly between CEJA, WCL and UAH, aims to become a benchmark training activity that integrates the joint teaching of these skills.

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