WCL Criminal and Civil Trial Advocacy Certification Program

Washington College of Law Trial Advocacy LL.M. Program is proud to offer a Certification Program for those who would like to enhance their litigation skills through enrollment in a variety of WCL courses without seeking an LL.M. degree. The Trial Advocacy Program is offering Certifications in the areas of Criminal and Civil Trial Advocacy.

Who can Apply for the Certification Program?


Any person who holds a Juris Doctorate Degree is eligible for the Advocacy Certifications. This program is primarily geared towards recent JD graduates and practicing attorneys who would like to fine tune their advocacy skills. A majority of the courses are offered in the evenings to accommodate participants' work schedules.

How the Certification Program Works?


In order to receive a Certification, you must successfully complete 12 credits of specialized study and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5. The Certification can be completed in one to four semesters of study. Participants must choose courses from the list provided for specialization. Participants must take the basic Trial Advocacy Course (Criminal or Civil Trial Advocacy LAW-694/LAW-649) unless otherwise waived by the participants' program advisor. These certifications may be used towards an Advocacy LL.M. which requires 24 total credits.

Certifications and Courses: (Please note that not all classes are offered each semester)

I. Criminal Trial Advocacy Certification

II. Civil Trial Advocacy Certification

  1. Criminal Trial Advocacy, LAW-694 (3 credits)

  2. Criminal Defense: Theory and Practice, LAW-860 (3 credits)

  3. Alexandria, Virginia Supervised Public Defender Externship, LAW-754-010 (3 credits)
    and Seminar LAW-795V (1 credit) (separate application required)

  4. DC Public Defender Supervised Externship, LAW 754-011 (3 credits)
    and Seminar LAW-795D (1 credit) (separate application required)

  5. Criminal Procedure II, LAW-628 (3 credits)

  6. Advanced Criminal Procedure: Plea Bargaining, LAW-708 (2 credits)

  7. Litigating in a Digital Age: E-Discovery, LAW-795A (2 credits)

  8. Trial Advocacy in a High-Tech Court Room, LAW-913 (2 credits)

  9. Scientific Evidence and Expert Testimony, LAW-878 (3 credits)

  10. Advanced Trial Advocacy: Homicide Prosecutions, LAW-984 (2 credits)

  11. Advanced Trial Advocacy: Challenges and Obligations of Prosecutor, LAW-984A (2 credits)

  12. Evidentiary Foundations and Objections, LAW-968 (3 credits)

  13. Death Penalty Seminar, LAW-702 (2 credits)

  14. Advanced Topic: International Criminal Law and Procedure, LAW 795A-001(2 credits)

  15. Ethics for Trial Lawyers, LAW 915-001 (2 credits)

  16. Client Interviewing and Counseling, LAW-650 (2 credits)

  17. Role of the Federal Prosecutor, LAW-882 (2 credits) (separate application required)

  18. Appellate Advocacy LAW-847 (3 credits)

  19. Seminar: White Collar Crimes, LAW-749 (2 credits)

  20. Evidence, Law 633 (4 credits)

  21. Pre-Trial Litigation, LAW-649 (3 credits)

  22. Lawyer Bargaining, LAW-651 (3 credits)

  23. Remedies, LAW-673 (3 credits)

  24. Transnational Litigation, LAW-675 (3 credits)

  25. Advanced Civil Procedure: Complex Litigation, LAW-706 (2 credits)

  26. Appellate Advocacy, LAW-847 (3 credits)

  27. Evidentiary Foundations and Objections, LAW-968 (3 credits)

  28. The Jury in Civil Litigation, LAW-608 (3 credits)

  29. Civil Trial Advocacy, LAW-695 (3 credits)

  30. Trial Advocacy in a High-Tech Court Room, LAW-913 (2 credits)

  31. Litigation in a Digital Age: E-Discovery, LAW-994 (2 credits)

  32. International Commercial Arbitration Advocacy, LAW-795M ( 2 credits)

  33. Advanced International Advocacy Seminar, LAW-795L-001 (2 credits)

  34. International Litigation and Arbitration, LAW-677 (3 credits)

  35. American Courts, Structure, People, Procedure, LAW-838 (2 credits)

  36. Ethics for Trial Lawyers, LAW-915-001 (2 credits)

  37. Client Interviewing and Counseling, LAW-650 (2 credits)

  38. Alternative Dispute Resolution, LAW-614 (3 credits)

  39. Evidence, Law 633 (4 credits)

In order to learn more information about the Trial Advocacy Certification Program, please contact Director Cynthia Jones at cejones@wcl.american.edu.