King of the Hill National Trial Competition

Participating schools will participate in a true round-robin within their division for a total of seven preliminary trials. The winners of each division will then face each other to determine who is the King of the Hill. The competition will be October 7-10. There will be 1 trial on Thursday evening, 2/3 trials on Friday, 2/3 trials on Saturday, and the last preliminary round will be Sunday morning. The battle for the crown will be Sunday afternoon and evening.  Because there will be so many trials teams may have between 4 and 6 members on their teams. They may switch roles for each trial however in each trial both advocates must do one speech, one direct examination, and one cross-examination.  

This competition will be ONLINE. All trials until the final will be bench trials (but you are to act like there is a jury – on zoom it is exactly the same). The winner will be given an automatic spot in the 2022 Capitol City Challenge Spring 2022.

Teams competing in the inaugural King of the Hill competition include:

Chapman Campbell Denver Arkansas LR
Chicago-Kent DePaul Emory Charleston
Mercer Golden Gate Fordham Georgia
Ohio Northern Houston Illinois Hofstra
Pace Quinnipiac Puerto Rico Illinois Chicago
Stetson Syracuse Seton Hall San Diego
St. Mary’s St. John’s South Texas South Dakota
South Carolina UCLA Villanova UC Berkeley

Who will be the King of the Hill?

If you have any questions please email Joe Lester.