Maha Abdulaziz Almutlak

SJD Candidate


Maha Abdulaziz Almutlak, an S.J.D candidate at American University Washington College of Law, is currently working on her dissertation, which examines citizenship and belonging in Saudi Arabia. The dissertation traces the historical roots for the criteria of belonging, which influenced the citizenship legal framework, then it analyzes the current legal framework of citizenship. Additionally, the dissertation sheds light on the evolution and transformation of the concepts of citizenship and belonging examining the development of the national identity from a kinship based identity to an identity connected to the nation with a growing sense of patriotism and sentimental belonging.

Before joining the SJD program, Ms. Almutlak worked as a lecturer in law at Princess Nourah University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She was also the Assistant Head of the law department and held many administrative positions.

Degrees & Universities

S.J.D., Candidate, American University Washington College of Law
LL.M., International and Comparative Law, Chapman University, Fowler School of Law, 2012
LL.B., King Saud University, School of Law and Political Science, 2009

Areas of Specialization

Private International Law
International Human Rights
Middle Eastern Law
Women’s Rights

Contact Information

To contact Ms. Almutlak, email her at