Juan Carlos Arjona Estevez

SJD Candidate


Juan Carlos Arjona Estévez, an SJD candidate at American University Washington College of Law, is currently completing his dissertation entitled “The International Human Rights Law and International Criminal Law implementation at the domestic level." His fields include: International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law. He was head of the Iberoamericana University, Human Rights Program (2005-2007), Humphrey Fellow at the University of Minnesota, Human Rights Center (2008-2009), Public Policy Director at the Minister of the Interior in Mexico (2009-2010), and has been Human Rights Consultant for several institutions (Mexican Supreme Court of Justice, United Nations Development Program-Mexico, United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights-Mexico,  Mexican Bar Association, Memoria y Tolerancia Museum, among others).  He has several publications regarding Human Rights and has been invited to teach classes and give presentations on different countries such as Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, China, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, and United States of America.

Degrees & Universities

SJD, Candidate, American University Washington College of Law
LL.M. in Human Rights, Iberoamericana University, Law Faculty
Specialization Diploma on Human Rights and Democratization Process, University of Chile, Law Faculty
Specialization Diploma on International Human Rights Law, International Institute on Human Rights 
Licentiate in Law, Iberoamericana University, Law Faculty 



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