Ashijya Otwong

SJD Candidate


Ashijya Otwong is an SJD Candidate at American University Washington College of Law. Her dissertation focuses on transboundary pollution and toxic contamination caused by Thailand’s outbound investment projects in neighboring countries. Her academic interests and professional background include: Environmental Law, Human Rights, Contamination Law, Environmental Justice, Environmental Democracy, and Environmental Litigation.

Prior to joining the Washington College of Law SJD Program, Ms. Otwong was a law lecturer at Naresuan University, Thailand. She also worked as an environmental lawyer for a nonprofit environmental law organization named the ENLAWTHAI Foundation (EnLAW). While working there she investigated the environmental impacts of various projects on local communities, disclosed information on misconduct around Environmental Impact Assessments, conducted community-based environmental law trainings, and completed media campaigns.

Degrees & Universities

S.J.D. Candidate, American University Washington College of Law
LL.M., Specialization: Environmental and Natural Resources Law, University of Oregon
LL.B., Thammasat University

Areas of Specialization

Environmental Law
Human Rights
Contamination Law
Environmental Justice
Environmental Democracy
Environmental Litigation


Otwong, A. (co-author). A Comparative Analysis of the Quality of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Thai Overseas Investment Projects: Dawei Special Economic Zone and Hongsa Coal Power Plant. Land and River Grabbing: the Mekong’s Greatest Challenge. In Press. 2015


Phenrat, T. and Otwong, A. 11 Years of Cadmium Contamination in Mea Sot District, Tak Province, Thailand: Past to Present. Remediation Australasia. In Press. 2015.

Phenrat, T. and Otwong, A. Ten-Year Monitored Natural Recovery of Lead-Contaminated Mine Tailing in Klity Creek, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand. Environmental Health Perspective. In Press. 2016.

Otwong, A. and Phenrat, T. Comparative Analysis of Public Participation in the EIA Process for Thai Overseas Investment Projects: Krabi Coal Terminal, Hongsa Coal Power Plant, and Dawei Special Economic Zone. Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal. In Press. 2017.

Contact Information

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