Janie Chuang, Professor of Law; Former Advisor to the United Nations, the International Labor Organization, and the Organization on Security and Cooperation in Europe

Ian Harris, Technology Safety Legal Manager at the National Network to End Domestic Violence; a Commissioner on the DC Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board

Daniela Kraiem, Associate Director, AUWCL Women and the Law Program; AUWCL Practitioner-in-Residence; former Staff Attorney at the Child Care Law Center

Ingrid Nifosi-Sutton, Adjunct Faculty, AUWCL

Susana Sacouto, Director, AUWCL War Crimes Research Office; AUWCL Professorial Lecturer-in-Residence

Macarena Saez, Director, AUWCL Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Ann Shalleck, Professor of Law; Director, AUWCL Women and the Law Program

Josephine Dawuni, founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Institute for African Women in Law; Board Member of the African Research Academies for Women