Janie Chuang, Prevention of Human Trafficking and Labor Exploitation, Gender and International Law

J. Jarpa Dawuni, Gender, International, and Comparative Law, Gender and Development

Susan Franck, Gender in International Trade and Arbitration

Rebecca Hamilton, Gender and International Criminal Law

Ian Harris, Domestic Violence

Daniela Kraiem, Gender and Law

Claudia Martin, Gender and International Organizations, Human Rights

Fernanda Nicola, Gender and Development, Comparative Law, International Organizations

Ingrid Nifosi-Sutton, Gender and Human Rights, Gender and Environment

Diane Orentlicher, Gender and International Law

Leslye Orloff, Gender and Immigration

Susana Sacouto, Gender and International Criminal Law

Macarena Saez, Gender and Human Rights, Comparative Family Law

Ann Shalleck, Feminist Jurisprudence, Family Law

Brenda Smith, Prevention of Sexual Violence