Online LL.M. Courses

Participants in this LL.M. program must complete a total of 24 credits to graduate. Of these, at least 12 credits have to be from the following core courses and key electives:

Online Core Courses (min. 6 credits):

  • LAW-789: International Commercial Arbitration (3 credits)
  • LAW-614: Alternative Dispute Resolution (3 credits)
  • LAW-972: Bilateral Investment Treaty Arbitration (3 credits)
  • LAW-679: International Investment Law (3 credits)
  • LAW-973: International Contracts & Sales (3 credits)
  • LAW-661: International Business Transactions (3 credits)
  • LAW-660: International Law (3 credits)

In addition, non-common law trained attorneys have to enroll in the following two courses:

  • LAW-580L (Online): Legal Research and Writing (2 credits)
  • LAW-580 (Online): American Legal Institutions (2 credits)

In-Residence Key Electives: Participants have the option to take in-residence courses at American University Washington College of Law to complete their degree. In addition to the in-residence version of any of the core courses, we offer the following in-residence courses:

Arbitration and dispute resolution-related courses offered during the summer:

  • LAW-818: Contributions of the ICC Court of Arbitration to the Development of Commercial Arbitration (1 credit)
  • LAW-677S-001: Choice of Law Issues in International Arbitration (1 credit)
  • LAW-972S-001: Investor-State Arbitration (1 credit)
  • LAW-789S-001: Introduction to the Practice of International Commercial Arbitration (1 credit)
  • LAW-795DS-001: Damages and Compensation in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration (1 credit)
  • LAW-807: Mediation: Theory and Practice (1 credit)

Business-related courses offered either in the fall or spring semesters:

  • LAW-679A-001: Advanced Research Seminar on International Investment and Commercial Law (2 credits)
  • LAW-990-001: International Business Negotiations (3 credits)
  • LAW-849D-001: Legal Drafting: International Contracts (2 credits)
  • LAW-841-001: International Project Finance (2 credits)


LL.M. students may earn also up to 12 credits from any general electives in the LL.M. Course List.

The general electives include experiential learning courses, among which are externships. Our LL.M. career advisor and faculty are available to help LL.M. students locate externship opportunities at law firms, arbitral institutions, and other entities that work in international arbitration and business law.