Admissions Requirements - Domestic Dual Degrees

Admissions Requirements
Accepts LSAT in lieu of Graduate Exam Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Link to graduate school additional application form School of International Service app form. Instructions info. Kogod School of Business app form School of Public Affairs app form School of Public Affairs app form School of Public Affairs app form
Other requirements Must be admitted to JD first to be considered for JDMA. Proficiency in a foreign language required for MA portion of this dual program. Must be admitted to JD first to be considered. If using LSAT as test score, must complete Supplemental Essay on MBA app form. MBA Graduate Admissions Office may require an applicant interview. File must be complete with JD admissions to be considered. SPA requires 2 letters of recommendation. If you only submitted 1 with your JD admissions file, have an additional recommender email a letter to Same as JD/MPP requirements. Same as JD/MPP requirements.

Incoming first-year applicants

On the JD application form select Full-time Program and then the  dual degree objective on your application. In addition to submitting the law school application, you will need to submit an online application directly to the corresponding graduate school.

If your application meets the requirements to be reviewed by the graduate school, the law school will forward a copy of the JD applications materials (including LSAC CAS report with transcripts and letters of recommendation ). The graduate schools will accept the LSAT in lieu of a GRE or GMAT score. You will receive separate decision letters from the law school and the graduate program. The decisions are independent and you could be admitted to one program and not the other. If you are admitted to both the JD program and graduate program, you would enroll your first year at the Washington College of Law. Most of the programs can be completed in a minimum of 3.5 years except for the JDMBA which is a full 4 years.

Current JD law students

You may apply to a dual degree program during their first year of law school by emailing the Office of Admissions at and requesting that an electronic copy of your JD admissions file be forwarded to the corresponding graduate program. You will need to submit the graduate school's application form and may need to meet other requirements of the corresponding graduate admissions process.