About The Program

The Washington College of Law (WCL) and American University's School of Public Affairs (SPA) offer a dual degree program in law and public policy. This unique combination of degrees is especially attractive for students intending to use their law degrees in the political, government or non-profit realms. The program provides a broad theoretical grounding in public analysis, program evaluation and successful policy implementation and provides students with the necessary skills to creatively address the political, financial, organizational, legal, ethical and constitutional challenges inherent in developing and delivering sound public policies. The program is designed such that both degrees can be completed in as few as eight semesters, for a total of 107 credit hours.

At WCL, there's a robust selection of course offerings in administrative law, government and regulatory process and public interest. In addition there are a number of student activities including: Administrative Law Review; American Constitution Society; Information Security & Privacy Law; Legislation and Policy Brief; National Security Law Brief and Law & Government Society

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Credit: American University

American University School of Public Affairs

The American University School of Public Affairs is ranked in the top 20 Public Affairs programs in the country by U.S. News Ranking