Paige Resnick

Paige is a 3L and aspiring public defender from Boston, Massachusetts. During her undergraduate education at the University of California, San Diego, Paige participated in a D.C. externship program, where she spent a semester working as an investigator for the mental health division of the D.C. Public Defender Service (PDS). Paige enjoyed her experience at PDS and loved living in D.C., and upon her graduation from UC San Diego in 2012 she was hired as a full time staff investigator at PDS. As a staff investigator, Paige worked primarily on homicide and sexual assault cases for approximately three years.

Paige’s experience at PDS solidified her desire to become a public defender, and she valued providing the best representation to clients who needed it the most. Paige values the importance of experiencing public defender offices across our country, and accordingly she spent her 1L summer working in Austin, Texas at the Texas Defender Service, where she worked solely on capital cases. This past summer, Paige worked for the Colorado Public Defender, where she maintained her own caseload, represented clients at all stages of their legal proceedings, and served as lead counsel on five jury trials. At WCL, Paige is a member of the International Law Review and the Mock Trial team.